NoSQL database adoption is a key aspect of the Digital Transformation journey for businesses. NoSQL databases store application data in schema less flexible format. As most of the data is still stored in the Relational Database and sometimes there is a need to import this data into MongoDB.

In this post we’ll explain how to bulk import JSON data into MongoDB in easy way in one step.

What is the need of data migration?

NoSQL databases can also handle a high volume of read and write operations, making them ideal for applications that require high availability and low latency.

As part of data migration there is a need to transfer data from one type of database to another. For example data stored in the Relations Databases like Oracle, MsSQL needs to be imported to MongoDB. Even there is valuable unstructured data available in excel or CSV that needs to be imported to MongoDB.

What is the JSON data format & how to import it to mongoDB ?

JSON is a lightweight data format used to transmit data between a web server and a client as an alternative to XML. JSON has become a popular data format due to its simplicity, flexibility, and compatibility with various programming languages. It is often used in web applications, mobile apps, and IoT devices.

My MongoDB database is hosted on the Ubuntu server. Following easy steps helps to import multiple JSON data to MongoDB.

  1. Prepare the JSON data file. In case if you need to check the format, get it validated on
  2. Connect to the Ubuntu server.
  3. Get the database connection string and user access details.
  4. Prepare the mongo import command to import the JSON data
  5. Import Data using following command
mongoimport --uri 'mongodb://<>/iot-services-db?retryWrites=true&w=majority'--authenticationDatabase=admin --username='XXXXXXXX' -password='XXXXXXXXXXXXX' --collection='collectionName'--file='/home/<>/HR_SO1024202255.json' --jsonArray

‘–jsonArray’ argument helps to import multiple json  data objects.

You can validate the imported data with the MongoDB queries


In this blog, we cover steps to import data from JSON to MongoDB. Patterns7 Technologies is helping customers define digital transformation roadmap and NoSQL databases helps to build scalable solutions. Read more at on our product engineering services.