Powereasy remote condition monitoring

POWEReasy is Jhaveri Labs flagship product looking forward to solves electricity challenges faced by our modernizing world. Company was looking for IoT platform for remote condition monitoring of Powereasy systems.

In addition to remote condition monitoring, requirement to report critical faults and warnings in few seconds was challenge.

Solar inverter monitoring

Key Challenges

  • Gateway to receive key parameters data and handel load in terms of concurrent requests.
  • Deal with the volume of POWEReasy systems deployed and load on the platform.
  • Risk factor analysis and efficiency reporting.
  • Reporting critical faults and alerts in few seconds.

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The Solution

Patterns7 microservice based IoT platform helped to provide customised solution to clients requirements.

  • Realtime monitoring of Daily, Weekly and Monthly key parameters like Power Consumption, Active Power, Power Factor, Input Current, Earth Current etc.
  • Realtime fault and issue reporting helped POWEReasy team and Customers to identify the root cause of critical issues like arcing, harmonics, earthing faults and neutral loss.
  • Analytics dashboard for clients data insights and savings.
  • Snapshot of asset condition when Fault is reported.

Benefits of remote condition monitoring for Powereasy

Remote condition monitoring in realtime !!

Reporting and addressing faults on time helped to improve efficiency.

Improved customer satisfaction with pro-active servicing.

Predictive Analytics dashboard with data insights and risk factor.