Field service management with Realtimearrival details of the Service Person

The US based startup was looking forward to bridge the information sharing gap between the Customers and Service Person who would be visiting the site. Customers who would be waiting for the Service Person don’t have visibility on the Service Person’s arrival time and sometimes a longer wait is a loss of time for the Customer. Field service management for realtime tracking of job is key aspect of customer satisfaction.

RTA platform consists of Mobile App and Web APIs. Android and iOS mobile app build for the Contractors and Managers. Considering the environment and mobile nature of the job, Mobile First strategy is defined to realize the product.

Field service management

Key Challenges

  • To derive the accurate arrival time, fetch the GPS position of the Service person on the field. This is going to help tracking Service Person in real time.
  • Build the multi-channel platform for the scale.
  • Build a communication framework that helps to interact with Field Service Person and Customer in real time.
  • In view of different process, build the platform for the customization.

Ready for process automation?

The Solution

With detailed application analysis, Patterns7 defined the architecture approach and roadmap for product development.

  • In view of the distributed nature of the operations, platform consider requirements of multiple groups and multiple sites.
  • Work order creation and scheduling is managed through an intuitive calendar based interface.
  • Field service management for realtime tracking of job lifecycle.
  • Mobile app helps to provide relatime update on the Job call and what time Service Person will be reaching.
  • Analytics dashboard for productivity and efficiency of the Job call handling.
  • Mobile application help to take feedback from the Customer on the Job completion.
 realtime tracking of Job

Benefits of Field service management and realtime tracking of Job progress

Service workflow automation with custom solution.

Time saving for the Customer. In addition continuous tracking of Service Person helps in providing better service for the end Customers.

Complete the Customer feedback loop that helps to make data driven decisions.