Automation of client association processes

Taxation advisor in the UK have different association processes for the Companies or Individuals. This process used to be performed manually. Business documents are being emailed back and forth and payments are being made. A lot of admin time is spent trying to tie them all up together.

Company was looking to streamline client onboarding process automation through technology. Challenge was to build an online processes that would help it’s Clients to join by completing the AML Check, Payment Mandate and finally electronically sign any Joining Document(s).

Client onboarding process automation

Key Challenges

  • API based integration with the third party services like AML Check, Payments, Digitally Sign documents.
  • Creating intuitive easy to use experience for the Users.
  • Build framework that can be easily extended for other association processes.

Ready for process automation?

The Solution

Patterns7 microservice based low code development solution helped to provide process automation solution in a few weeks.

  • Easy 4 step experience for the Users.
  • 3rd Party API integration for the AML, Payments and Document e-signing.
  • Cloud based service framework that was extended based on the processes requirement.
  • Analytics dashboard for clients data insights.

Benefits of client onboarding process automation

Scaling advantage!! With online processes, it’s possible to onboard thousands of clients in few days.

Client association and on-boarding time reduced from few Days to few Minutes.

Improved productivity as no manual interaction required to on-board the clients.

Analytics dashboard with data insights to monitor client association and help them if required.