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AI and ML is creating new opportunities to automate manual repeated tasks.


Organizations across the globe are looking to transform customer experience and simplify business operations. With ML and Robotics, there is opportunity to automate the repeated tasks performed by human. At Patterns7 we providing digital process automation that’s custom to business needs, leveraging legacy application and accelerate business outcome.

What our Customers says

The team at Patterns7 deliver high-quality work, on time, without lots of direction and guidance and at a reasonable cost.

Their skilled engineers quickly grasped our complex requirements and provided smart, creative, solutions to rapidly develop an online application for us which integrates specialist 3rd party apps with additional data into a unique workflow.

All members of their team have been exceptional in working to ensure the extremely tight deadlines forced upon us have always been met, with efficient, solid, results. It’s been a pleasure working with Patterns7Tech in a professional and trustworthy partnership. From our perspective it’s been a complete success.

Annie Brown

IT Manager, Peak Performance Matters Ltd.

We worked with Patterns7 to build our initial version of an SMF forum and integrating it with our pre-existing website. The major challenge that the project ran into was the compatibility of our earlier Django website to SMF. What impressed us the most was that Patterns7 were not deterred by this and the team successfully migrated the original website into a compatible format.

The dedication and problem solving ability of the team was greatly appreciated and essential to the success of our project. We would recommend Patterns7 for anyone looking to implement such a migration or development project.

Scott Sheridan

Director of Operations, Opportunity International

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