Remote Solar inverter monitoring for power generation

Olympus Power is leading manufacturers of industrial and domestic power electronics products focused around Green Energy.

Company was looking for IoT platform that help to monitor the condition of Solar Inverters deployed remotely. Solar power generated data needs to be submitted to Govt. Officials in addition to maintain uptime ratio.

Solar inverter monitoring

Key Challenges


  • Interfacing with the Solar Inverter to extract the key parameters.
  • Deal with the volume of Solar Inverters deployed and load on the platform.
  • Ensure the Solar Inverter availability with help of fault reporting.
  • Forecast the power generation based on historical data.

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The Solution

Patterns7 microservice based IoT platform helped to provide customised solution in few weeks.

  • Realtime monitoring of Daily, Weekly and Monthly KWH (Power Generation) data.
  • Cloud based IoT platform helped to provide quick solution.
  • Realtime fault reporting helped Olympus team to provide proactive service.
  • Analytics dashboard for clients data insights and forecast on the power generation based on ML model.


Remote condition monitoring in realtime !!

Reporting and addressing faults on time helped to improve efficiency.

Improved customer satisfaction with pro-active servicing.

Predictive Analytics dashboard with data insights and forecasting on power generation.

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